Enabling The Power of Young Women

The young women of today will shape our societies, communities and organisations for decades to come. These young women will be tomorrows leaders, advocating for the under-represented and fostering an equitable, just and prosperous future for all.

The Emerging Young Woman

Since 2018, we have produced a report that features the remarkable young women around the world, and in our lives, that are changing the world. This report, updated and revised each year acts as a record of the brave, intelligent, conscious and impactful young women who are reshaping our world.

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Accessible, quality education

Today's empowered young woman has access to an unprecedented level of education opportunity enabling her to develop the citical skills, knowledge and insight to ask better questions. 

Questions such as 'why?'

The truth is that the emerging young woman is already here and she will strive toward equitable, just and prosperous futures for all of us.

Values and Diversity.

Across industries, conventional approaches to developing inclusion and gender-equity must be challenged. 

A report by Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership highlights this paradigm in sport and reveals that values-based conflicts are naturally occuring matters within diverse communities, rather than crises to be solved.

Read the Conflict to Connection by Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.

Inclusion in leadership.

What does it mean to be seen? Today we're seeing a global shift towrads more inclusive and genuine representation in leadership roles, and strength-based roles in sport for young. 

This representation empowers young women to challenge norms, contribute new and innovative ideas and lead with an informed consciousness to play a pivotal role in transforming our organisations, and our society.

Awareness and advocacy for gender equality.

Young women are leading awarness and advocacy movements that challenge systemic barriers and advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all. 


Economic impact.

Empowering young women and enablind them to achieve their full potential is inextricably linked to economic impact. Studies often link gender diversity in leadership, representation and within workplace participation, leads to improved organisational performance, a higher level of innovation and growth.