Bendigo Bank

The challenge

How might we position our brand for a customer that demands more of the financial institutions they deal with and holds them to a higher standard?


A new kind of customer demands more of the financial institutions they deal with.

This new kind of customer understands that there is a better way to create a new world — and we were charged with learning about their aspirations, their needs and how we might position the Bendigo Bank brand to meet these needs.

Our work involved stakeholder engagements, qualitative and quantitative research, the development of customer empathy, brand narrative, tone of voice and the positioning platform to act as the foundation for this segment and sector-specific positioning. 

The Story

In March 2020, Bendigo Bank wholly acquired Community Sector Banking (CSB) which paved the way for new opportunities and new market segments for the Bendigo Bank business.

Formed in 2002 as a joint-venture between Bendigo Bank and Community 21 (a consortium of 38 not-for-profit organisations), CSB was absorbed into the wider Bendigo Bank business as part of Bendigo Bank's strategy to reduce complexity.

Our work saw us engaging with partners, customers and employees to listen, learn and understand the overlap of values-alignment between the brand and a new emerging customer mindset.

Developing clear consultation approaches that centred on customer's needs, values and the purpose of the organisation we were able to ensure alignment with the broader organsational strategy.

Developing customer empathy we were able to deliver richly painted and meaningful stakeholder personas that spoke to both the corporate and brand strategies, as well as fit within the marketing communications context.

Our work was critical in the alignment of two organisational cultures coming together and meeting at the intersection of a common purpose, aligned values and a mandate to serve community, non-profits and profit-for-purpose organisations alike.

Our work

Customer research
Market research
Customer experience design
Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Stakeholder engagement
Brand positioning strategy
Brand personality
Brand values
Brand personas
Brand voice
Brand narrative

Questions we answered

Who are we within this new context?

What is our work in this new world?

Who are they?
Who are we?

What are their needs and aspirations?

How might we consider our core customer as more than just a segment?

What is our narrative and tone of voice?

What is our value proposition?

What is our strategic opportunity?

Where do our values and theirs align?

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