Creative Leadership

We believe in mindful, fearless and creative leadership who are ready to change the world. Together, we're empowering and elevating them to make the world a better place.

We're creating a platform for creative leaders who are ready to change the world.

Organisations that prioritise access to community healthcare, supports, prevention and hope are at the heart of impactful, meaningful work.

Weekly insights since 2016, on the journey to discover creative leadership.

Explore the archive of The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership — a weekly essay written by Tank's Managing Director, Jim Antonopoulos.

Teaching the next generation of creative leaders our human-centred approach to strategy.

Through The Strategy Masterclass online course, we're sharing our methodologies and processes when it comes to strategy for the next generation of creative leaders.


Demystifying how to run a creative, professional business.

Our Creative Pro course helps creative leaders build a foundation for running a successful creative, professional business — transparently and ethically.

The Creative Leadership & Impact Workshops

A collaboration between Jim Antonopoulos (Tank, Melbourne) and Kevin Finn (TheSumOf, Brisbane), the Crossroads workshops help creative professionals develop an impactful leadership platform.