On-demand leadership roles
for impact organisations and startups seeking to thrive and scale.

Access the leadership wisdom of key members of our team in on-demand, fractional roles that are cost-effective and impactful. 

Build the foundation for key leadership roles with minimal cost impact.

Develop a data-driven marketing function, a culture that thrives, strategy for growth or impactful creativity by accessing the expertise of leaders in the arena.

Light-touch, high impact leadership roles.

One month at a time.

A month-to-month cadence that keeps you accountable and focussed on your business.

Ideal for scaling businesses doing
business with heart.

Access decades
of experience when
you need it.


Dimitri Antonopoulos

Head of Strategy
& Marketing


Dimitri Antonopoulos acts as a Fractional Head of Marketing & Strategy for digital agencies, creative studios and non-profit organisations.

With over three decades of experience in digital, strategy and brand leadership roles, he brings a compassionate and common-sense lens to strategic marketing leadership.

Dimitri will help you develop the foundations for your organisation's marketing function, scale your creative professional business or bring stakeholders together to develop future-focussed strategy towards impact.


Damian Karaula

Head of People
& Culture


Damian Karaula acts as a Fractional Head of People and Culture for SMEs, non-profit and technology organisations.

Having spent over three decades advising organisations in the areas of compliance, risk, governance, and culture, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping founders and executives achieve surety when it comes to employee management and performance.

He has acted as an employer advocate within the various tribunals and has extensive knowledge in the areas of leadership, conflict resolution and team performance.


Luke Marshall

Head of Growth
& Partnerships


Luke Marshall acts as a Head of Growth & Partnerships for digital agencies, scaleups and non-profit organisations.

With two decades of experience in marketing, strategy and customer-facing roles, he brings a compassionate and common-sense lens to strategic marketing leadership.

He's a connector, coach, and committed to getting the most out of technology, AI, and the digital ecosystem. An authentic human with a big heart - Luke will help you automate lead acquisition, systemise marketing and project management, align the brand and add value to the bottom line.


Nikos Psaltopoulos

Head of Operations
& Resilience


Nikos Psaltopoulos acts as a Fractional Head of Operations & Organisational Resilience for organisations seeking to create great teams that are empowered to make a difference in fast-growth, multinational SaaS & DaaS industries. 

With decades of experience in designing, building and implementing strategies for startups, scale-ups and companies — Nikos has led global teams with a proven track record in delivering initiatives around the world.

With a highly valued skillset that spans People & Culture, Communications, Finance, Business Technology, Legal and Compliance and integrating multinational workforces; his leadership is human-centred and effective.

Monthly Membership


What's included?

  • Weekly 1:1 meeting with you
  • Monthly team meeting with your team
  • Rolling agenda
  • Advisory, strategy and task-management
  • Pause or cancel any time


  • C-level support, on-demand
  • Tools and resources for you and your team
  • Strategy development
  • Tactical assistance


Commonly asked questions

Why should I do this, instead of hiring someone? 
Most organisations are coming to the realisation that they need to operate in a far more flexible and efficient manner. This means being able to access high level expertise without all the additional fixed costs of hiring senior-level executives.

Unlike a full-time hire, on-demand support form a C-level executive can be switched off and on, as required. 
How is our partnership managed?
Our partnership is managed via weekly online meetings, and tasks are scheduled using either a Trello board to track simpler initiatives, or a Teamwork project plan if initiatives are more complex.
What happens if I require more time outside of the allocated hours? 
We find that most of our clients can fit into the existing time allocation, where you have a scenario that requires additional time and attention, this can be pre-determined at an agreed rate. 
How does it work?
After the completing the application form, you will be contacted by one of our team to book a 15:00 - 30:00 discovery call. This call will seek to expand on the issues you've outlined in your application, and discuss the suitability of the on-deman role — it will also afford you an opportunity to ask any questions you like. 
Once confirmed, your weekly 30:00 - 60:00 on-demand leadership sessions will be booked in advance and you will be sent a detailed on-boarding questionnaire which will help prioritise the rolling agenda you will use in each of your sessions. 

You'll receive advisory, strategies, task management, and initiatives to undertake within your organisation.
How do I cancel?
As this is an on-demand service, you are welcome to cancel at any time if you feel you no longer require the advice or expertise and/or your business circumstances change for any reason. Essentially you are never locked into long-term contracts or arrangements.