Community Health

Inspiro Community Health

The challenge

Develop a customer insights driven approach to inform brand strategy for the emergence of a new community health organisation. 

The Story

Ranges Community Health had a problem. Market research clearly indicated the current name was easily confused with competing organisations and local council.

The organisation was also going through significant change in providing both funded, and now private healthcare options. — and with plans to expand over the next five years, they needed a brand platform that
reflected their aspirations.

The organisation was also keen to retain the positive attributes of their brand moving forward, while at the same time adding new attributes that would position it well into the future.

We were commissioned to create a brand strategy, name, identity, visual language and supportive digital ecosystem to support the new era of this organisations.

Our work

Creative strategy
Corporate identity
Brand strategy
Brand style guide
Art direction
UX design
UI design
Stakeholder workshops
Communications design
Customer insights
Discussion groups
Brand guardianship

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