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A Purpose-Driven Leader’sToolkit 
for Change.


You are a purpose-driven creator of change and you know that disrupting old systems and championing diversity and inclusion are the steps that must be taken to make the world a better place.

You believe in good leadership and you know it starts within you and the leaders you work with. 

You embrace diversity, and inclusion and understand that empathic and compassionate leaders are needed to create meaningful organisations.

You believe that education, mindfulness and open minds, hearts and horizons are necessary so our children can create a new economy and a fairer, just society.

You never accept the status quo, and know that the first change that must be made is recognising the cultures, perspectives and knowledge of world's Indigenous peoples.

This curated collection of resources is for you. 

A curated collection of resources to help you on your journey to make the world a better place.

You know that challenging the status quo, disrupting the ways things have been done and championing diversity, equality and inclusion are the steps that must be taken to make the world a better place.


Leadership The world needs better leaders. The empathic kind — those who have faced adversity and know first-hand what it means to be vulnerable, and the power held within this vulnerability. Leaders with patience and drive to break down the systems that hold us back. 


Another Now, Yanis Varoufakis

What would a fair and equal society actually look like? It's 2025, and we're going to see this new economy through the eyes of three purpose-driven leaders and the words of economist Yanis Varoufakis.

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The Obstacle is The Way, Ryan Holiday

We will all face adversity. There is no doubt. How we think of it, how we face it and how we deal with it is the making of us. Ryan Holliday takes the teachings of the Stoics and shows us the way. 

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Dare to Lead, Brené Brown

It’s a big call but we believe that every leader should read Brene Brown. Well known for her studies in vulnerability & shame, Browns book has transformed leadership culture and conversations. 

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One Wild Ride, Pru Chapman

Full of stories and interviews with people doing extraordinary things, this is the podcast to understand what leadership means and what it looks like in different people.

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Myths Morals and Money,
Small Giants

Launched this year, the Small Giants podcast is a great resource for how to balance consumerism & economy with sustainable businesses.   

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Further reading — A selection of online reading on this topic. 

Freedom is not a state; it is an act.
It is not some enchanted garden perched high on a distant plataeu where we can finally sit down and rest.

Freedom is the continuous action we all must take,  and each generation must do its part to create an even more fair, more just society.

John Lewis


Diversity & Inclusion You can't be what you can't see. Our organisations must embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the work they do, and the brands they build. Seeing ourselves in all forms of communication and experience should be the norm.


Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman

We live in a time where right and left wing politics are tempting to pull us further away from each other. This book dives into what utopia actually looks like for people. Healthcare, education, family income, equality - hopefully this helps you start find solutions when things feel a little helpless. 

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Invisible Women, Caroline Perez

Wonderfully engaging, this is a great start to gain a deeper understanding of our cultural and society perceptions of queer history. This non-fiction graphic novel explores landmark policies and cultural changes that have been instrumental to queer identity and its broader understanding. 

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Queer: A Graphic History,
Meg-John Barker, Jules Scheele

We love graphic novels, especially those that shatter stereotypes, embedded biases and excluionary practices. Read this now.  

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What I Told My Daughter, Nina Tassler

The lessons we can learn from powerful women are endless. This book collects stories and lessons from successful women, writing stories to their daughters. This is the book that paves the way for the next generation. 

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The Art of Inclusion, DCA

Diversity and inclusion - these words are part of so many organisations narrative but we need to constantly check that we are actually working hard on bringing these words to life. This podcast is helpful - checking in what inclusion is and understanding fully what exclusion looks like. 

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Beauty isn’t all about just nice loveliness.

Beauty is about more rounded, substantial becoming.

So I think beauty, in that sense, is about an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance, a deeper sense of depth, and also a kind of homecoming for the enriched memoryof your unfolding life.

John O'Donoghue


Mindfulness Because you know that you must be centred, and focussed and grateful for the things in your control. You know that this ultimate presence and awarness of self will help you lead your people to create the change you're here to make.


The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer

We are sure that everyone goes through times in our life when we ask ourselves ‘who am i?’. The question is confronting and something beyond we can define. This is a book that dives into the big questions with a light approach into bringing this awareness into everyday life. 

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Phosphorescence, Julia Baird

Rediscover the beauty and wonderment of the world through this book. This book is about nature, nourishment and finding our resilience through it all. 

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A Liberated Mind, Steven Hayes

What is psychological flexibility? Dr Steven Hayes walks us through his work on using techniques to change the habits of our thinking. If you’re into how the mind works - this is a fantastic resource. 

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A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

If you haven’t explored any of Tolle’s work, we suggest you do! A New Earth Podcast Oprah and Tolle explore the themes of his new book of the same name. They discuss the idea of ego and what the world would look like if we left it all behind and starting working toward  towards a greater purpose of humanity.

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Life is the Dancer,
and you are the dance.

Eckhart Tolle


The Meaningful Organisation We spend most of our time at work, with our work colleagues. Whether we work from home or inhabit a space within an office, discovering the very meaning of our organisations is more paramount then ever – it's simply what we've come to expect of the organisations we all work with.


Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek

The book that inspires so many of our clients. Simon talks through workplace cultures that leave cynicism, paranoia and fear at the door — and the leaders who lead them.

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Turn The Ship Around, David Marquet

A first-person view of what was the worst-performing culture in the US Navy, and what it took to turn the entire thing around.

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Reinventing Organisations,
Frederic Laloux

Frederic Laloux has caused all manner of debate within our business, and our colleagues — explore the initial ideas of Holacracy, a workplace organising idea that reinvents the very notion of what makes workplaces tick.

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IDEO Futures, Peter Drucker

The wisdom of the man who famously said 'culture eats strategy for breakfast' is captured in this enlightening conversation.



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