Haven Home Safe


How might we transform our organisation to remain competitive, relevant and impactful in a world where homelessness and housing crisis still exist?

How might we align our purpose with our culture so we might all work towards a mission of connecting people with housing options and integrated supports so that they can find, and keep, a place to call home?



When we select partners to work with, an alignment of philosophy, values and culture is critical. Tank meet all of these elements, and working with them has truly raised the bar for what an impactful partnership can achieve.

The team at Tank are experienced, methodical, practical, deliberate, authentic, questioning, responsive, thoughtful and most importantly, people focused, and we feel like they have walked alongside us every step of the way through our brand, website, values and client voice work.

Tank are a part of our organisation now in a way few partners are able to realise.



Bonnie Szymczak
Head of Marketing, Haven Home Safe

The Story

Haven Home Safe — a for-purpose organisation which connects people with housing options and supports to help them find and keep a place to call home, and one of Victoria’s largest social and affordable housing providers —selected Tank as a key strategic partner in their transformation efforts.

Our partnership is now in its third year and continues with a view to supporting this remarkable organisation realise its potential as it seeks to end homelessness across Victoria.

We have supported them across a broad spectrum of requirement — through challenging and optimistic times alike.

When we talk about what our product is as a business, we always use our relationship with HHS as the barometer — our product is trust; a trust we hold dear, sacred and nurture through every interaction and delivery.

Our regular consultation with members of the HHS board and executive team sees us developing an intimate understanding of the genesis of their strategic brand, marketing and communications challenges.

Ultimately, what we have co-created with HHS is an organisational identity that puts people first.

Using our Meaningful Brands Methodology, and our Strategic Communications Framework to influence our approach to methods and process design; as well as outcomes and delivery, meant that the work we have done, and are still doing with HHS connects brand with culture, and leadership.

Through all-employee, client (customers) and external partner consultations (interviews, workshops and focus groups) we've gathered insights that set the trajectory for positioning HHS in a cluttered market of affordable housing providers.

Our approach has ensured the voice of the client (customer) is present and considered in key strategic decision-making.

This interconnectedness of marketing, people and leadership has had ripple effects into community which has attracted partnerships and people who have experienced housing stress and homelessness, get one step closer to securing safe, affordable housing.

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