The Department of Human Services

The challenge

A brand strategy to speak to the diverse landscape of people across Australia.

A guide for an organisation’s voice and identity, a brand architecture for the future.

The Story

We developed a brand strategy and identity guidelines for The Department of Human Service's strategy to unify its brands under one master brand.

Through scenario-planning brand architecture models and engaging with people throughout the nation, we developed a platform that guided the brand's voice, identity and customer experience.

Imagine the rich diversity of Multicultural Australia and what it has to offer.

Imagine speaking with people at different stages of their life, through the tough times and the good times.

The breadth of audience this brand touches spans the nation.

We simplified the complexity within this government department with simple, human-centred methods.

Using design thinking tools and methods, we engaged multi-level stakeholders, planned scenarios and tested ideas rapidly.

This meant brand strategy, brand voice and brand architecture was iterated based on real user feedback in a live environment.

Simple, nimble and effective.

Our work

Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity design
Customer journey mapping
Stakeholder workshops
Ethnographic Research
Brand Styleguide
Brand Narrative
Brand voice
Brand Photography
Content Strategy


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