The challenge

How might we capture the core purpose of an organisation with an ambition to make a difference for the better, enabling business and society to realise lasting opportunity and change?

A hard-fought act
of self discovery.

An organisation's purpose — it's reason for being — is one that influences, guides and inspires every employee, stakeholder and partner.

Founder-run organisations have an interesting dynamic where Founders are a cataclysmic link between the company's aspirational purpose, and that galvanising idea that brings employees together.

The founder must be central to the reason why, but must also realise and release that tension that exists to allow their workforce to play a role in developing and eventually living this purpose.

This search is difficult and at times messy — yet to find something as important as our reason for doing what we do, it has to be.

Working with Aither's founders, employees and a select group of trusted clients, we embarked on a journey which in itself was a hard-fought act of self discovery.

Aither's purpose is to help governments and businesses make better decisions about globally significant issues.

At Aither, we believe in the value of making better decisions because to us, making better decisions is central to addressing the world’s most significant issues.

Natural systems are increasingly strained and under threat, creating challenges in water, infrastructure, cities, agriculture and the environment.

The future is uncertain and the stakes are high. Making better decisions can generate enormous benefits and avoid costly and irreversible mistakes.

Our ambition is to make a difference for the better, enabling business and society to realise lasting opportunity and change.

Working with leaders in government and business across multiple countries, we navigate complexity by providing decision makers with clear, evidence-based analysis, insights and advice.

Combining economics, policy, and strategy our advisors help decision-makers to clarify their objectives, address the right problems and opportunities, and continuously improve.

Experienced, committed and well-grounded in the areas in which we work, we are trusted advisers to leaders making tangible progress towards outcomes that matter.

We work with people who share our ambition to find a better way, and our belief that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Decision making that’s clear, informed and confident.

That’s what better means to us.


The Story

Working closely with the people at Aither — one of Australia's most respected consulting businesses, and fellow-accredited B Corporation, we embarked on a journey to discover the organisation's purpose — a journey which involved understanding each employees motivations and aspriations, and pairing those of the founders.

Through facilitated discussions and dialogues, interviews and workshops as well as the contextual review of how Aither itself presents and positions itself in the marketplace, we worked collarboratively to better understand the underlying meanings of why this organisation exists and how this manifested itself in the organisations approach to structuring its communications with a clear, informed and more confident leadership narrative.

Our work

Customer research
Contextual research
Qualitative research
Stakeholder engagement
Company purpose
Brand narrative
Brand voice
Communications strategy

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