The 2018-2020 Creative Industry
Mental Health Study.


A three-year global study 
of the state of mental health across
the creative and tech industries.


Years ago we began the journey to give the quiet voices within the creative and technology industries a a chance to be heard.

Thank you to everyone who gave their voice to this three-year study and to those who supported this survey by sharing it with your networks — your voice matters.

We're committed to creating a platform for the quiet voices in our industry to be heard. A platform that calls out inequality and practices and working environments that are conducive to an unhealthy work/life balance, and act as triggers for mental health issues. 

In July 2018 we received an email from one of the readers of our newsletter responding to an article we wrote on mental health issues in the creative industry. This email was vulnerable and authentic, and it showed us that there are voices in our industry that need to be heard. 

Lead by our own Karina Dea, we gathered a series of questions exploring mental health issues within our industry and shared them with our network across the globe.

What came back was compelling and at times, heart-breaking. In 2020, this study enters its third consecutive year — a year impacted by a global pandemic, political upheaval, and a swell of societal change.

Outcomes will be made available here in early 2021.


The 2020 survey is now closed.

Outcomes will be published here in early 2021.
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