Meaningful impact

 A new generation now expects more from the organisations they invest in, work for, fund and lead – leaving the social sector accountable to create even greater impact than ever before.

How can social enterprises, nonprofits, impact investors and purposeful organisations use innovation for a greater social good?

How can nonprofits embrace new mindsets, solve new problems and develop engines for growth?

How can the social sector meet the demands of a new generation of customers, funders and philanthropists? 

This is meaningful impact.

The report

A report to help purpose-driven organisations develop meaningful impact by embracing innovation mindsets, tools, and methods for greater social good — helping them build meaningful brands, more impactful products and fundraising strategies that make a lasting difference. 


All organisations now know to remain relevant, and viable they must innovate or die. The evolution of business models, workplace cultures, brands, and businesses has become the new normal.

Doing good — and being driven by purpose — is now a common link to running a sustainable, profitable, revenue-generating organisation — be it for-profit or for a greater social good.

By talking to and working with leaders at the heart of social enterprises, customer-owned, purpose-driven, and non-profit organisations we share with you our insights into how innovation mindsets, tools, and methods have helped some create a greater social good.

We look at the trends, people and ideas that are influencing a new generation of a purpose-driven organisation, one that harnesses a new kind of power for a greater kind of good.


We summarise key insights that will help nonprofits and the social sector better leverage innovation mindsets, tools and methods for greater impact on their goals.

Global view

We look at which organisations have demonstrated lean impact for greater social good and interview social-impact leaders for their insights.


We speak with purpose-driven leaders about how they use innovation in their organisations to developing smarter solutions and creating greater impact for some of our more complex challenges.


A collection of tools, methods, resources and reference material.

Insights Report

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Meaningful Impact

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This Insights Report includes:

  • How nonprofits, social enterprises, purposeful organisations, philanthropists and foundations can maximise innovation for greater social impact.

  • Case studies and features.

  • Methods to accelerate growth.

  • Key takeaways ready to implement.

  • Insights to set the trajectory for better strategy

  • Resources and tools 

  • Available in early 2020 as PDF download

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