The Better B Corp Program


You've accredited as a B Corporation.

How do you now embed the values of this movement into key areas of your business?


An exclusive program for accredited B Corporations to help you embed values-led principles into key areas of your business.

Facilitated by owners of accredited B Corporation businesses, this single-day masterclass for B Corp leaders helps you embed values into four key areas of your business, and bring your B Corp accreditation to life.



Areas of focus — mindset, reflection, limiting beliefs, leadership narrative

Purposeful leadership

How do you ensure operational sustainability is part of the key value set and decisions are made that take into consideration the needs of all stakeholders? 

We explore purposeful, values-driven leadership grounded in reality. Participants will be guided with a
pre-workshop tool which includes a series of reflective questions and supporting guidelines on uncovering purposeful leadership.

Participants are taken through a decision-making matrix, using proven tools to bring your ethos to life.


Areas of focus — decision-making, difficult conversations, guiding principles.

Governance and compliance

True leadership requires individuals to make decisions that are unpopular, and can often cause conflict between personal value-sets, employees and stakeholders.

During this masterclass we provide B Corp leaders with the tools required to navigate the complex world of risk and compliance in a purposeful and ethical way. We provide the guiding principles and a clear framework to ensure that tough business decisions are undertaken in a way that respects the core ethics and values of the organisation.


Areas of focus — communications strategy framework, customer experience.

Brands that matter

If your brand is what they think of you, when you leave the room, how is your purpose coming to life through your brand-building efforts?

Understanding the key principles behind the design of brands that matter, participants will be taken through a values-aligned way of structuring communications strategy and designing meaningful customerexperiences.


Areas of focus — emotional culture, values-aligned behaviours, rituals, rhythms.

Meaningful culture

"When the things you say are in alignment with the things you do, a thriving culture emerges."

These words by Simon Sinek provide the inspiration for this segment of the day where we align your purpose with day-to-day behaviours, rituals and rhythms.

With a key focus on building an emotional, open culture, the group will design guiding principles for behaviour, and tangible outcomes for the emergence of a meaningful culture within their organisation.

How it works

Available to accredited B Corps only — this open dialogue between a group of leaders will help you bring your values to life and embed them into key areas of your business.  

This program includes the following:

– Learning tools to help you leverage the best of this program
– Resources for further learning
– A full-day, workshop with lunch provided
– Live scenarios, discussion and workshop
– Priced at $890 per attendee (minimum 10 attendees)


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Strategy, Culture
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Mindfulness & Leadership

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