ACT Health

The challenge

How might we define the corporate identity, voice and graphic standards of the Australian Capital Territory's health system?

A diverse and thriving health system with many voices.

ACT Health's diverse and thriving system of hospitals, primary and allied health professionals, walk-in centres and clinics is the cornerstrone of health provision to the ACT community. Its voices are many and diverse, from Clinicians, Surgeons to Volunteers, Administrative Staff, Ambulance, Physicians and a vast range of medical professionals. 

Establishing a unifying voice was one of the key challenges.


How might we celebrate the voice of patients, volunteers, administrative staff and other voices which aren't often heard? 

Through a co-designed methodology of stakeholder interviews and workshops we listened to the needs, aspirations and ideas of care workers, volunteers and administrative staff who were at the front line of care every single day.

The Story

Working with a wide range of stakeholders across the ACT Health system, we were engaged to unify the organisation's voice, audit it's communications across print and digital platforms and develop a consolidated brand guidelines system which would enable, empower and streamline.

Our work with ACT Health saw us diagnosing communications issues through detailed audits, and working with diverse stakeholder groups through interviews and workshops to develop a simple and effective design system, corporate identiy and organsiational tone of voice which was embraced by, and represented, all areas of the organisation.

Our work

Brand Guidelines
Communications Audit
Digital Audit
Stakeholder Interviews
Stakholder Workshops
Stakeholder Management
Creative Strategy
Corporate Identity System
Brand Tone of Voice
Communications Templates

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