Meaningful work. We wrote these words on our office wall one day, and they helped us see the world in a completely new light.


Meaningful work challenges the status quo — it has the fire of entrepreneurship and creates positive impact in the world we live in.

It's the type of work that has you jumping out of bed in the morning because you know that the work you're doing, matters.

It's not noisy — it's meaningful.

Meaningful work moves us towards solving some of the world's most complex challenges — the advancement of women, financial literacy, health and wellbeing for all, gender equality and education to name a few.

We believe that business can be a force for good, and we're on a mission to work with authentic, purpose-driven leaders who believe that too.

This is our purpose.

Working directly with leadership, communities and bringing together diverse groups of people to solve complex organisational challenges, requires a team with a unique set of skills and a diversity of thinking of their own.

& purposeful
and responsible
Diverse, inclusive
& insightful
Nimble, agile
and embedded
Dispersed, flexible
and a little nomadic

A team with empathy and purpose as its key principles is a team that understands the importance of listening and understanding whilst balancing purpose with business outcomes in a meaningful way.

Our team are leaders in their own right — accountable and responsible they understand that mindful, authentic leadership is the type of leadership we expect in the complex world we live in.

We build diverse, insightful teams from divergent backgrounds — your people, our team and network of leaders, and the community around us are the people we seek to include in true cross-functional teams. 

Not conforming to industry standards our team of leaders are dispersed, autonomous and experts in their fields. With a 'work-from-anywhere' principle, we're able to mobilise quickly and bring a diverse range of skills together for each engagement.

Our business is digital-first, smart and disperesed. Our partners and collaborators are based in multiple locations, from Melbourne to Kyneton in regional Victoria, Athens and Amsterdam; our teams co-locate, co-create and come together onsite for a better way of working. 

We are a values-led business which means we draw a line in the sand, and from time to time, we point to that line.

Meaningful work

Challenge the
status quo
Always learning
and adapting
Celebrate diversity,
equality and inclusion
Teach everything
we know

Work that moves the world forward towards a new economy, a new way — a better way.

Even if it's with just a small step.

Industry norms, old thinking and yesterday's tools aren't going to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Good leaders are always learning and ready to adapt to the world around them. It's no different for us and the organisations we work with.

Because our children need to live in a world of acceptance, equity and inclusion and it's our responsibility to ensure they do.

When we share our knowledge, everybody grows.


We're an accredited
B Corporation and that means we walk the walk.

As a team that works directly with the leadership of organisations, we realise the influence we have on guiding boards, executives and organisational culture in becoming forces for good.

Accrediting as a B Corporation provides us the framework to ask better questions of ourselves, our work and how we can impact the world we live in, for the better.

These are areas of greatest impact:

Diversity, inclusion
& representation.
Centering on the people who matter.
Connecting leadership, culture & marketing .
Fearless, adaptive & mindful leadership.

We work with boards to embed purpose, values and principles into decision-making and strategic planning.

By empowering open dialogue and defining a common understanding of purposeful leadership we ensure that leadership groups make values-led decisions and see their world through a more meaningful lens.

We ensure the representation of age, gender and ethnic diversity are questions often asked and principles readily empowered in the organisations we work with.

The representation of cultural identity, First Nations peoples and our effort to center our work and our attention on the people who truly matter within an organisation is present and prevalant in all engagements.

Our work ensures the presence and accountability of leadership in marketing efforts and the binding and symbiotic relationship marketing and culture have within organsiations.

A better world needs better leaders — fearless, adaptive and mindful. Leaders who are ready to learn new skills and create a new way. Leaders who aren't afraid to march first, rattle the cage and change the system — and these are the leaders we aim to impact.

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We are based in Melbourne, Australia, and our work is conducted across our nation and in various cities around the world. We acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of the nation we live and work in and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our commitment to Indigenous Australia