In July 2018 we received an email from one of the readers of our newsletter responding to an article we wrote on mental health issues in the creative industry.

This email was vulnerable, authentic and it showed us that there are voices in our industry which need to be heard and we decided to use our position in this industry, to provide a platform for those voices to be heard and hopefully affect positive change.

Lead by our own Karina Dea, we gathered a series of questions exploring mental health issues within our industry and shared them with our network across the globe. We've since decided we will run this survey every year in July.

What came back from creative people around the world was compelling and summarised in The 2018 Mental Health & Creativty Industry Snapshot.

This 140+ page PDF is free and available for you to share with your management, your colleagues and your peers.

We hope that it provides you an opportunity to talk about mental health openly and honestly in safe envionrments. We hope it forces positive change in your work/life balance and moves businesses to improve outdated, unethical and unhealthy practices.

Ultimately, we hope it provides you a chance to have your voice heard.

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