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Imagine if all sports rewarded grass roots clubs for embracing diversity and inclusion?

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One Netball for everyone.

Netball Australia approached TANK to help develop a meaningful brand that broke down barriers – allowing the sport of Netball to see themselves as a champion of diversity and inclusion.

One Netball faced many challenges – from being heard through the noise of the competitive sporting industry, to connecting with a broad and diverse audience, some of whom were already well-established netball loyalists and many others apathetic towards sports feeling unwelcome at local clubs for many and varied reasons.

It was critical that One Netball took a clear and purposeful position, to attract, mobilise and inspire new, diverse market segments – altogether working towards a strengthened position for Netball Australia within the Australian sporting landscape.

Using simple, universal truths and language that people can apply to their own circumstance, the One Netball brand was developed as a conversation among communities, not a one-sided message at them.

Having a deep understanding of the audience, their motivations, priorities and concerns allowed us to identify the values that drive participation in sport – having fun, being included, self-esteem, friendship –as well as establish key, commonly valued emotional territories which held a higher meaning for the audience – promoting a sense of belonging, a healthy self-esteem and sense of achievement.