Imagine a genuinely responsible bank — yes, that's a little unusual.


What if the role of banks everywhere was to create mutual prosperity — so people, the community and the planet are better off?

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A bank with purpose that cares more about its customers than external investors. We know that seems unusual.

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What if the role of banks was to create mutual prosperity for all?



Say hello to Australia's first 100% customer-owned, responsible bank.

In 2014 we embarked on a journey with bankmecu to build a human-centred brand and work with its customers through communications and content to establish the responsible banking and customer owned positioning.

Bankmecu was Australia’s first customer owned bank. With a rich 58-year history, the Board decided to take the brave and progressive step of renaming to Bank Australia in 2014.

This strong and unambiguous name would be the first step in owning the positioning of Australia’s first 100% customer owned responsible bank – further driving its commitment to create mutual prosperity for customers and Australia.

Our team had the privilege to work collaboratively with a group of financial services professionals and immerse themselves in the future of banking.

Tank worked with the Board and the Executive team to develop the platform of ideas that would become the Bank Australia 2020 brand strategy; reaffirming the bank’s values, personality and messaging.

Our insights-based research included focus discussions, observational studies, 1:1 interviews, workshops; design included rapid prototyping and the development of empathy and customer journey maps to inform strategy, ideation, content and creative

Our human-centred approach began with empathy development, engaging and prototyping brand identity, visual language, customer experience scenarios and tone of voice with the Board, Executive team, customers and partners.

Insights allowed us to design for a digital-first customer experience and imagine this experience within the evolving context of the future of banking. A visual and verbal language was born with a genuinely human voice and a healthy respect for Australia’s diverse population.

The outcome? An Australian bank to be proud of; made of diversity, inclusion and a new, responsible way of doing business.