Do Meaningful Work

Why do we do what we do?


It has never been a better time to learn, invent new things and collaborate.

The opportunity to create meaningful businesses to make the world a better place, has never been so relevant. We need to seek a higher level of understanding for the human factors at the heart of business.

We need to make meaning and to do that, we need to start with why.

Our ‘why’ is to do meaningful work.

A new way

We started Tank in 1997 to avoid the traditional structure of the agencies we had worked in before. We had a vision to bring together a wide range of disciplines to inspire new thinking, solve big problems and collaborate with clients who believed they can change the world.

Our aim is to help organisations create meaningful impact in the world.

We’re not into mass-media-landfill-marketing. We’re focussed on ideas that are relevant, meaningful and form connections between real people.

No noise. Just meaning.

Diversity, equality & inclusion

Our team have strong values and a moral consciousness that influences their every day. They draw a line in the sand and we reference it regularly in the work we do.

We have a shared belief the work we do can have positive social impact.

As communicators we all have a responsibility to not contribute to the stereotypical representation of gender, ethnicity, age and culture that is widespread in the world of advertising and communications.

We understand that:

  • People come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Australians come from lots of different places, including Australia before it became Australia
  • Pink is not just for women.
  • ‘Strong’ is not the sole domain of men.
  • Making fun of gender, ethnicity, age and body shapes is not OK.
  • Selling more stuff is not a meaningful KPI
  • Not all men are blokes and buffoons
  • Not all women aspire to be a Disney princess

(The image above is from Netball Australia's One Netball initiative)

Shared value

Sharing ideas, insights and knowledge makes the world a better place.

The work we do has a value and as an independently owned Australian business, we expect a fair value exchanged for the work we do. Put simply, we don’t work for free. 

That’s ‘free-pitching’ for those of you stuck in the past.

A champion team has no room for rockstars

It’s said that a champion team will always beat a team of champions. At Tank you won’t find any rockstars who want to swing the microphone front-of-stage.

Although we do love Paul Stanley, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin and that guy from Wolfmother with the big hair.

Some call them ’T-Shaped People’ – we like that. It fits.

We’re a group of people who come together with a broad range of experience across a wide range of sectors – from psychology to design, to writing and technology. We have deep levels of expertise in relevant areas and ensure that this comes across in the make up of our teams.

Our team have a thirst for learning and immerse themselves; learning, observing, listening, making, creating and designing.

Our team is made of a core team, an extended team of collaborators and a very specifically chosen team of partners who help us deliver our key programs.

Our blinkers are off. Our door is open.

We avoid linear hierarchy and nourish a flat-organisational culture that develops and nurtures creative leadership in everyone. Our project teams make the decisions and are coached, not managed.

Creativity isn’t the domain of the few at Tank. It’s a key skill in everyone and we teach it to our clients.

Creativity, accountability and ownership – how else do you get the best out of people?

Photo of Janis JoplinPhoto of Janis Joplin

Good design solves problems

Our clients come to us to solve real-world, human challenges.

We clearly frame each challenge at the outset to ensure that everyone involved has a common understanding as to why it exists, and what winning will look like.

Collaboration and co-creation aren’t buzz words, they’re key ingredients to innovation.

We understand that collaboration is not the answer; but rather it’s the question that we continually ask: ‘How might we solve this problem together?’

Always learning & adapting

Our business isn’t a show business – we’re not in it for the glory. The work we do isn’t magic and there isn’t a secret sauce or font of magical water that we all drink to be ‘creative’.

We work closely with our clients and embrace an evidence-based approach to helping them create meaningful organisations.

Our clients have part of the answer; we have part of it too and we spend time listening, making things and learning from real people interacting with those things.

Our relationships

We seek relationships with businesses that stand for something. Business who are driven to create positive social impact.

Purpose-driven businesses run by purpose-driven leaders who refuse to speak jargon. They share similar values to us and embrace the journey to communicate in meaningful ways.

Our clients aren’t afraid to say ‘this is our line in the sand.’

This is our line in the sand.

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