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Innovation Culture

Innovation Culture

“Culture needs to enable you to come up with new ideas, build new capabilities. So that's why I think for companies to be successful over a long period of time, you need more than a good idea and a good strategy. You need a culture that fosters that growth”

— Satya Nadella, Microsoft

“Culture needs to enable you to come up with new ideas, build new capabilities. So that's why I think for companies to be successful over a long period of time, you need more than a good idea and a good strategy. You need a culture that fosters that growth.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft

In an era of sticky notes, sharpies and constant emerging technology, it's easy to get caught up in what seems like 'innovation' but actually isn't.

CEOs and leaders are often quick to introduce new systems and tools that promise to enhance productivity and creativity, but instead leave employees disillusioned when the next new fad is discovered. 

When we talk about a culture of innovation we start with empathy. A deep understanding of the capabilities and mindset of customers and employees alike.


We believe that leaders need to redefine what success looks like and provide their employees with frameworks, tools and incentives that encourage creative thinking and a wholistic approach to capability and business development. 

We're passionate about sharing everything that we know, and by engaging with your design, marketing and communications teams we impart our experience and knowledge through a series of professional development workshops, training and employee experience design.




Design Thinking
& Meaningful Brands

Our Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop will introduce a human-centered approach to innovation. In this one day immersive workshop, we will look at the tools and ways of thinking to help you answer business probelms, and develop products, services, and strategy within your organisation or business.

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Innovation Program

Capability building

We train teams and organisations by introducing a mindset of innovation, building the capability to deliver on brand strategy and sharing our learning through behind-the-scenes looks into past projects.

Design Sprints

Product & Campaign Development Sprints

Product development and campaign sprints are a great way to answer business problems through design, prototyping and testing in a short turnaround time. Using a collaborative approach we can turn a long tedious process into a 1 week sprint to gain real feedback.

Innovation Method

Embedded teams

We've been around too long to be stifled by the status-quo — we know that organisations have expertise within that can be leveraged and at times all they need are some on-the-ground deployment to make it happen. Our team are able to embed into your organisation for days, weeks or at times, months to assist you and your teams to develop strategy, execute and implement.

Innovation Program

Brand Culture Program

Employees are the first, and sometimes the last, port of call of the brand — they must live and breath the organisational meaning and at times, they must contribute to its creation.

We run the Brand Culture Program before, during and after the development of brand strategy with board members, executive teams, employees and key stakeholders alike.

Innovation Program

CMO Program

We've been acting as Chief Marketing Officer (or Chief Meaning Officer) for some organisations who don't have that role embedded as a permanent fixture. This allows organisations to scale and grow and tap into not one, but all of our retained knowledge across various market sectors.



Design Thinking. The key ingredient for innovation

There are in fact a number of ingredients for innovation, but this one is key.

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The meaningful organisation

How to better understand the worldview of our people if we're going to create positive impact.

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What cows can teach us about empathy

What does it actually mean, this thing of putting yourself in someone else's shoes for the benefit of innovation?

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Engaging employees starts with remembering what your company stands for 

Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies $450 billion to $550 billion per year in lost productivity. So what does engage them?

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