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“We are here for the sake of one another — we must understand that people exist to help each other.”

Marcus Aurelius

“This is a profound and inspiring quote about creative leadership from someone famous.”

Someone Famous

Our 1:1 consulting sessions are a great way to tap into the broad and deep knowledge within our team.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to take the next step, a creative looking to level up or a business owner seeking to bed down a strategy — these sessions are a great way to tap into the expertise within our team. 

1:1 Consulting Sessions x 3

Three sessions are a good way to dip in and get a high-level overview of the challenge. We'll give you some preparatory homework and we'll work with you through each session. $500 per session.

1:1 Consulting Sessions x 6

With six sessions we'll have enough time together get stuck into your challenge. We'll give you some preparatory homework, we'll review it and we'll ensure you have our consistent and strategic attention. $450 per session.

1:1 Consulting Sessions x 9

Nine sessions is a committment to see the challenge through the mid-term. After you've done the prepatory homework we'll be giving you weekly activities to undertake to see you through the challenge you're facing. Over this time we'll get to know you well and will be able to provide you with a deep level of insight. 
$400 per session.

What can I expect?

Consulting sessions are 1:1 sessions where we pair you with people from our organisation and provide you with advice, guidance, mentorship and direction. You'll be able to tap into the broad and deep experience of our team as we work with you to help you solve the challenges you're facing in your entrepreneurial endeavour or your creative leadership career.

Is it for me?

Our consulting sessions are perfect for:

  • entrepreneurs starting a new venture
  • small agency owners
  • online entrepreneurs seeking to grow their audience
  • CEOs looking to solve a complex challenge in a short period of time
  • CMOs seeking to clarify their next challenge
  • Designers and future creative leaders seeking to move to the next phase of their career.

Our sessions are focussed and intimate, if you're a sole operator needing a strategy or the head of your organisation lookking for some guidance, these short and contained sessions are perfect.

How does it work?

We meet with you to provide insight, strategic direction and ad-hoc consulting on your challenge. Sessions run for 90 minutes and will see you doing both pre and post homework. The context we're working with is:

  • You bring a challenge and we provide pre-reading when/where necessary.
  • We'll meet with you for each session and provide direct, face-to-face or face-to-Skype feedback and input.
  • We'll provide reference material as needed
  • Held on neutral territory, distractions are minimised and we're completely focussed on the challenge at hand.

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